Explore Less Touched Solomon Islands Aided by Luxury Accommodations!

Sand, sun and beaches are some of the clichés of Solomon Island that are absolute fantasy for many globe trotters from around the world. However, there are certain other unique elements of the place that somehow get underplayed in the spot light of scuba diving highlighting the unique marine world. When we talk about Solomon Islands in the Oceania, it is not what the republic is all about. So, what’s new?

Let us start from start!

Honiara- The Getaway

While planning the trip to the archipelago of six major and more than thousand smaller islands, Honiara emerges as a very important place. The capital city is among the most advanced and boasts of providing all the facilities that are in expectation or habit of a tourist. Generally, most of them would come down to Brisbane from wherever they belong and take a flight to come down here. As a matter of convenience, they choose accommodations in Honiara. It could be a luxurious Solomon Island resort or a multi-storey hotel overlooking the popular beaches.

Then What?

Wondering what had to be done after you have settled comfortably and refreshed? There are many things that could be focussed upon. Consider the following:

Revering Assault of Nature- Solomon Island boasts some of the endemic species of wild, especially birds that are unique due to the geological isolation. If someone has come down to this paradise, going without taking insights of life on wings is regrettable. More than 65 species of them are categorised under endemic; among them are Sanford’s Sea Eagle, Woodford’d Rail, Crested Cuckoo- Ducorps' Cockatoo Dove, etc. Others are either rare, accidental or threatened due to various reasons. Vulnerable Dugong or Humpback whale, critically endangered species of bats, etc might also catch interest of an enthusiast. East Rennell, now a world heritage site, exhibits high level of endemism.

Relics and Memorials of WWII- Solomon Island were among the most affected places due to the clash of the two giants, Japan and America. Remains of the battle ships, equipment, etc are some of attractions divers enjoy along with the underwater treasure of marine life and corals in Solomon Islands. Best example would be diving on beaches of Bonege East and West. The sites of Toa Maru No. 2, Kennedy Island, Gifu, Mt Austen, etc are some of the other place where silent anecdote of bloodshed could be listened to.Guadalcanal is the place of the US War memorial and Japanese Peace Memorial serving as a reminder of what war is capable of doing to life perhaps. Seek services of management of your Honiara accommodation if things are too overwhelming.

Fire defining Volcanoes- Solomon Islands are also known for some of the volcanoes that were active in the past few years and families sometimes trek to these places with the help of guide. Consider checking and touring places like Savo Islands, Simbo, Tinakula and Kavachi to see some of them active in recent years. Maybe once on the journey to discover more such places, you get to see the real thing. On not being sure how to start or from where, it is best to contact the management of the chosen accommodation in Solomon Islands. They would do what best could be done with respect to the request of the tourists.

Apart from what is suggested above, the luxury of saying and touring Solomon Islands could be extended to scuba diving which something for what most of the tourists come on these places looking for solace in their own way. However, you could be different by looking for lost or lesser known treasure of the place rather than walking well-trodden treks!


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