Explore These Luxury Destinations for Your Next Continental Trek

Vacationing can become a tad predictable if you do it enough. Getaways typically emphasize relaxation to offset the stresses of everyday life. But too much relaxation can wear on the spirits. 

Why not supplement a luxurious trip with a splash of adventure? For your next continental trek, consider these lavish escapades.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you adore expansive regions, modern luxury and the arts, then Reykjavik, Iceland is a great choice. Reykjavik is an avant-garde capital city filled with rich and vibrant culture.

Art museums cater to every major period, and galleries showcase innovative works. Animal lovers can get acquainted with native aquatic critters at the city's aquarium. Invigorating tours of Reykjavik's geothermal baths and mountain-swaddled surroundings can be arranged at a moment's notice.

The city's four- and five-star hotels are equipped with luxuries you've come to expect from top-rated European lodging. Reykjavik's artsy sophistication is evident at these lodgings, including beautiful custom-made furniture designed by some of the world's most renowned artists.

Suites offer spectacular views and conventional amenities like Internet and satellite TV. When room service fails to sustain you, let Reykjavik's talented chefs wow you at restaurants located in the heart of this posh city.

Antarctica Luxury Polar Cruises

Are you ready for the ultimate in luxury and adventure? Sure, you could open up that clothing boutique or car wash business. But for the price to build car wash or retail businesses, you could experience the vacation of a lifetime. 

Seasonal polar cruises combine world-class comfort with incredible expeditions. Luxury small capacity vessels include: panoramic views from vast passenger decks and private balconies; heated pools; fine dining by way of room service or restaurants; boutiques, spas and fitness centers; and fantastic entertainment at theaters and open bars.

Luxury boarding accommodations include cabins and deluxe suites. Each room features multi-channel, state-of-the-art entertainment consoles; self-controlled heat and air systems; and phones and wireless Internet. In-room stabilization mechanisms keep you gliding comfortably during your voyage.

Small boats are on hand for exciting expeditions to nearby lands. Become a part of the breathtaking Antarctic scenery. Intermingle with the penguins, and take in some of the purest scenery you’ll ever see.

Kijabe, Kenya

When you’ve had your fill of ice glaciers, trot over to Kijabe, Kenya in East Africa. Kijabe borders the magnificent Great Rift Valley and is home to some of the world's most spectacular safari properties and game reserves. Simply cruising along this majestic terrain is life-changing in and of itself.

Better still, your luxury vacation home or cottage is nestled amongst thousands of acres of wildlife conservancy land. Lodgings come equipped with quality crafted wood and ivory furnishings adorned in the finest art and fabrics in East Africa. Many homes come fully staffed with servants and world-class chefs to cater to your every need. 

Enjoy succulent Kenyan dishes seasoned to perfection. But if local cuisine doesn't satisfy your appetite, your resident chef will pamper your taste buds with delicacies made to order.

Thrilling world tours that feature rarely traveled destinations are just a continent away. So what are you waiting for?

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