Express Sees Boost from "Fashion Star"


Fashion retailer Express has apparently seen a large boost to their sales numbers since they began helping support the show "Fashion Star" on NBC. Other companies are sure to take note of this as well and, just maybe, we can start seeing less commercials on our favorite shows.


NBC’s Fashion Star has been a hit – for Express Inc.

The Columbus-based retailer signed on as a buyer for the fashion reality show’s second season that wrapped this month. President David Kornberg told stock analysts on a Thursday conference call that visits to Express’ Fashion Star website topped 1 million – and half those visits were new customers to the retailer.

That translated to new sales for the brand, half of which came from those new customers, though the company didn’t quantify those figures.

“We’re thrilled with the exposure,” Kornberg said. “It’s really great for the brand. We think it’s an advantage for us.” Read More

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