Exquisite Designs In The World Of Worktops

An article discussing the different types of worktop on offer. Providing an overview of different wood surfaces and how they can be used to create a range of different interior looks. With extra advice on how to match worktop surfaces with an overall theme and existing decor.

Making The Right Decision
Choosing a worktop surface and finish should never be under-estimated, nor should it be overlooked. Paying attention to such detail is the key to a polished and professional looking interior and one that will last a good deal longer than a rushed job or poorly matched material.

In fact a worktop can make all the difference to a space, linking wall colour and floor colour by bringing together different styles of furniture and fittings that are all made from the same material.

Solid Wood
When it comes to choosing your work surface there is no better option than to turn to a solid wood worktop and with so many different woods available it is easy to find just the right match for existing decor.

From Oak and Walnut to Maple and Cherry, wood grain and colour can lift a room, bringing warmth and comfort to a colder tone or unwelcoming space. For instance choose a solid Oak surface and you will benefit from a strong grain and colour that gradually darkens over time. Such qualities add a sense of old fashioned charm and character to a space, fitting well with more traditional furniture and fittings.

Whether you opt for a polished and waxed Oak surface or an unfinished worktop this is a material suited to kitchens and workspaces that have a family feel. Solid, reliable and timeless this material is well worth the investment.

Wood Grain And Finish

Of course there are many more woods to choose from, including Stave American Walnut with a dark hue suited to a kitchen area that sports muted, neutral tones and a mix of wood and chrome furniture.

Although the wood may be dark this material will not dull a room. In fact much to the contrary this wood, with its dark patterned grain, draws the eye to its centre and offers a rich colour that warms a space through and through. As the planks of this wood can be designed to run the complete length of a worktop this surface looks elegent and perfectly finished.

Pattern And Colour
For something a little different the worktop surface can be designed to combine two wood types that show in two different colours. This creates a visually pleasing pattern that will make a statement where ever it is placed in the house.

For instance, End Grain Butcher Block Wood Worktops are created by joining and bonding staves in a vertical formations. This type of construction technique means the end grain becomes visible and creates a tactile and hardwearing surface.

Mix Maple and Walnut Butcher Blocks and the chequerboard effect is one that will work in a kitchen or room in which the desired effect is to create a unique centrepiece perfect for entertaining.

With so much choice and variation the solid wooden worktop is the perfect addition to a kitchen or dining area, providing a blend of strong and durable materials with sophisticated style.

Genelia Lopez  writes regularly for interior design websites and design blogs. With a number of years experience in design Genelia is perfectly positioned to offer advice and support to those looking to transform their living space through the effective use of kitchen worktops. For more information on styles and designs available browse modern and contemporary collections at

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