Eyelash Loss

Lush eyelashes are the sign of beauty and it also protects the eyes. Many times the lashes start falling off and it becomes a serious problem. Many terms are used to describe eyelash loss such as Milophosis and Madarosis.

The causes of eyelash loss

Eyelash loss is caused due to myriad reasons. But generally it is a natural process and like hair on other parts of the body lashes fall and in place of it new lashes grows. Shedding of eyelashes sometimes involves a serious condition. It can be a result of some sort of dysfunction in the body process. Age of a person is also one of the causes of eyelash fall. 

Let us discuss below the different major causes of eyelash loss:

·        Blepharitis: This is the main cause of eyelash fall. It happens due to some kind of bacteria or due to the problems in the oil glands of the eyelids that lead to inflammation of the eyelids. Warm compresses, antibiotic ointment or eyelid scrubs are used in this treatment. It is a severe condition and can occur at any time. If eyelids are taken care and cleaned properly, it can be prevented.

·        Trichotillomania: Trichotillomania is a serious problem in which a person has the tendency to pull out hair from different parts of the body including eyelashes. The main reason of this disorder is associated with a genetic component and the chemical imbalance in the brain. It is a hereditary disease that runs in families and it can continue lifetime. In this psychotherapy and medications like antidepressants treatments are used.

·        Alopecia Areata: It is an autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss. Sometimes only the hair of the head is lost but it can also cause loss of eyelashes as well as the hair from the other parts of the body. The root of the hair is attacked by the immune system which causes the hair to fall off.

·        Cosmetics: Cosmetics also cause hair loss which includes eye make-up and mascara. The allergic reaction caused by these cosmetics make the eyelashes to fall off. Another main reason of eyelash loss is the use of waterproof mascara as it is difficult to remove such type of makeup. You have to pull and tug to remove it as a result your lashes get damaged.

·        Poor diet: This also causes thinning of hair as well as hair loss. Poor diet makes the hair weak and dull as a result they start to fall off.


It is essential to take precautionary steps to prevent the lashes to fall off.

You take into consideration the following points that will help you to take care of your lashes:

·       Don’t eat processed foods as well as consuming alcohol, soft drinks, coffee if you want to make your lashes healthy. Prefer eating raw fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts.

·       Remove eye makeup before going to bed. If you don’t do so it will damage your lashes.

·       Try not to feel stressed all the time. It is havoc for the overall health. You can reduce your stress levels by doing daily workouts in the gym.

·       Don’t rub your eyes rigorously. It will make your lashes fall off.

·       Don’t apply too much of waterproof mascara. It doesn’t come out easily and cause to pull the lashes due to which they become scanty.


Eyelash loss treatments help to grow new lashes and prevent it further from getting weak and dull.

You should know the following treatments for eyelashes:

·       Go to a psychiatrist if you have a mental disorder Trichotillimania. He will diagnose and give suitable medications to reduce the tendency of pulling out hair. Always go for a regular checkup.

·       Allergy test will help you to determine whether you have contact allergic dermatitis. After going through this test you will come to know that you are allergic to certain ingredients of the product which you are using.

·       Systemic steroids are also beneficial to prevent eyelash loss. Go to a dermatologist if you are facing unconditional loss.

·       Condition your lashes as you condition your hair. Many eyelash conditioners are available in the market. You can also do it with olive oil that conditions your lashes. Apply it on the lashes, it will help you to give a shiny and soft eyelashes.


Regular eye makeup destroys the eye lashes. Whenever it is possible go out without any eye makeup. By doing this you will give your eyelashes a break and boost its further growth. Choose high quality mascara that protects your lashes.

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