Family cruising to the Bahamas ?The Utmost Fun

For those who are travel enthusiast and are planning to have fun-filled vacations with their families, then family cruising to the Bahamas is the best trip to have. The cruising to the Bahamas is an exciting adventure for the family. There are many exciting and refreshing activities and one must have complete information on different Bahamas Cruises to have the best time in a planned budget.

There are many cruises options available for traveling to the Bahamas and people flock over to cruise and have a unique experience of fun and adventure. The spectacular weather, the mesmerizing view of the sea, and many activities on the cruise itself provides complete family entertainment. When traveling with family, one must ensure to select a cruise that offers the best in festivities and event. Here are few tips that will guide you to have the best family cruising to the Bahamas and have the utmost fun.

The different Cruise Lines for Bahamas Cruising 

Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line

Traveling with family on vacations, the top priority of the person is to ensure that the family is having the best time and an unforgettable experience. Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line are filled with entertainment and amusing activities for the families. The ships are huge and there are many dining options for the family and supervised and planned activities for the children. As the name suggests Carnival Cruise and Disney Cruise Line is about carnivals, fantasy and adventure.

Celebrity Cruise Line

For those who seek traveling experience for the family coupled with luxury and style should select the Celebrity Cruise Line. The cruise is lined with luxurious dine in options, magnificence art shows, famous spas and saunas. The line also has children play areas and supervised kids’ shows and all in all is a complete entertainment for the family. 

Windstar Cruises 

Perfect for couples, the Windstar Cruise is set to sail with small accommodations of few hundred guests. The cruise is more focused on providing their guests with peace and serenity in a settle down and clean environment. This unique cruise is appreciated by guests who prefer to enjoy the beautiful sea and ambience of a yacht sail with their families.

Family cruising to the Bahamas is a best opportunity to bond with your family and to have an amazing time. There are many cruise lines for vacationers and the choices are on personal preferences and interests. There are cruise lines agents that guide families to have a perfect vacationing on Bahamas cruise. 

When one is selecting a cruise and planning a family cruise trip to Bahamas one should also ascertain the best time to travel to this tropical wonder. Here are some useful tips for planning an ideal traveling schedule to Bahamas. 

When is the best time to travel?

Ideally, the best cruising time is between the months of December and May. During this period the weather is pleasant and there are no risks of encountering rough weather. If a family cruise is being planned it is advisable to avoid the period between June 1st and November 30th which is the hurricane season. 

Festivities and Holidays

Family cruising to the Bahamas is more happening and exciting if it is planned during cultural festivities. Seasons of Christmas Holidays , New Year’s Eve are a great time for cruising as there are many cultural activities planned on the cruise which makes the trip most memorable. A popular Bahamas festival is the Emancipation Day on August 1st which is followed by the Junkanoo Festival. These festivals are pure amusement for the families who can enjoy the cultural celebrations, lively music and feast on delicious foods. July 10th is Bahamas Independence Day. This is the time when the Bahamas party spirit is in full swing and amazing fire works and beach parties are organized all over the Bahamas. Family cruising to the Bahamas is best planned if Bahamas Independence Day celebrations can be witnessed and enjoyed during the trip.

Apart from cruises there are many things one can do at the Bahamas. Some of these activities are:

Fun at the Beaches 

The beautiful beaches of the Caribbean island are a refreshing experience for the vacationer. To get closer to the natural serenity and beauty scuba diving option is also available to the visitors. Underwater excursions are a breathtaking experience for the guest who gets to relate directly with the marine life on the oceans floor. The Blue Lagoon Island is a famous spot where visitors are allowed to feed and pet dolphin. At Stingray City located at Blue Lagoon Island the visitors are permitted to swim with the dolphins. 

Exploring the Lands

The lands of the Bahamas are equal fun. A trip to Versailles Gardens is a must as it is a beautiful garden with marvelous scenery. There are also world best and most famous golf courses to fulfill the appetite of golf-lovers. The rich heritage of the Bahamas offers many sightseeing opportunities to the visitors. The Queens Staircase which is a 102 feet high staircase is one such wonder. It was built in 1793 by slaves and provides an interesting glimpse into history and culture.

Family cruising to the Bahamas is a great way to relax and have fun. The cruises are luxurious and lined with fun and entertainment, and the Bahamas a great vacationing spot for the family.


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