Fashion Exhibitions are Often Done Wrong

Peter Maciarmid/Getty Images

With more museums across the globe featuring exhibitions of fashion and style, there seems to have been a vital element missing from a lot of what they're showing: actual information about the clothes. However, as curators learn more about the fashion industry and society becomes more interested in style in general, we should see a gradual change that makes these fashion exhibitions worth going to.


Did the world stop? Did it move? Were we changed? Did fashion leap into the public consciousness as a result of the 2010 Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which broke a number of records, not least in sales from the gift shop?

I would answer in the negative. The Alexander McQueen exhibition was about tragedy, darkness, drama, fame, notoriety and even horror much more than it was about clothes. Had McQueen died differently, or not died at all, would there have been crowds queuing around the block? And what would they have been hoping to see? Read More

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