Fashion Industry: -Building, Serving And Measuring Society


Fashion is a very wide term. It engulfs various diverse and assorted factors. Its dimensions start from blueprint designs and finishes to the customer shopping bag. A professional meaning can be that fashion is not only wearing trendy clothes and dresses but also understanding and transforming your way of thinking through the medium of fashion goods and accessories. Fashion reflects your lifestyle, attitude and perception of society. A certain individual may appear harsh or abrupt and at the same time it may also appear sober and soothing in nature. The fashion industry is catering to every possible section of the society and providing them services with their preferences and taste.

Volatile Nature of Fashion

This industry can be or even more volatile than the stock market. Since the trends and developments in this sector are changing day by day , anyone who is planning to start his business venture in this field need to polish his skills and abreast himself with the most modern trends being put into practice. The taste of the society changes like the seasons so fashion industry has adapted and volatile character. Each season enters with a new color, texture, shade and dimension and so this industry changes its direction to serve and cater.

Media Sources

The advances in technology sector enable the various media sources to deliver fashion to us. Television, radio, the internet is all the weapons of marketing for the fashion industry. The venture has to choose the right and relevant platform for his advertisement. Businesses have flourished as well as demolished just because of opting the correct platform of marketing. It can be done through magazines, newspapers and directories. Not only marketing but these sources can also prove to be very informative for the ones who are planning to step into this business or planning to buy some fashion commodities. Along with this career can also be sought in the fashion industry. You can be designated as a fashion designer, fashion software engineer, hair stylist and fashion customer care executive.

Supply Chain Dynamics

The fashion industry is a broad industry and starts from rough blueprint designs and these designs are pondered over a measurable time before they are finalized by the top notch directors and managers in the companies. Then comes the step of manufacturing the designed layout into its real shape. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to be in this sector. Various process engineers and production associates are employed by the manufacturers to realize the drawing into reality. After manufacturing comes the role of the buyers which may be wholesalers, retailers and customers. Wholesalers and retailers understand the market circumstance and accordingly fill up their stock. The business can be advantageous for those who read and write market attentively and perceptively where as it may prove to be distressing for those who take careless and slipshod decisions. In the end the services are delivered to the customers or buyers whose mood and tastes decide the fate of all the above links. This supply chain dynamics is a very crucial step in deciding which way you want to head either to continue or to shut down.

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