Fashion Swarovski Jewelry Blue Crystal Necklace

The logo of Swarovski's lamps and lanterns are Straus, the products are included three main categories, 450 kinds if styles.

The first kind is traditional crystal droplights. They are usually used for relatively large space, paying particular attention to classical modeling and exquisite in workmanship. But the styles of design are not changed too much. They produced by some famous lamps and lanterns manufacturers from Italy, Czech and so on, which are in strict accordance with the craftwork demands of Swarovski design centre, using the raw material to producing from Swarovski UK crystals.

The second kind is modern lamps and lanterns. Swarovski has been devoted to research the unique lighting methods which can be suitable to crystal optical performance and perfect lighting system. One of achievements of the company is the combination of optical lighting and the optical character of crystals. This kind of lamps and lanterns has flexible modeling. The design centre of Swarovski could design by the demands from the clients; the products could use in the location where is high humidity, high temperature, fire dangerous cases, or exposure gases. They can prevent the damage to the exhibitions from ultraviolet radiation and infrared ray coming from lights. And thePalaceMuseumuses this kind of optical fiber lighting.

The third kind is licensed manufacture products. Swarovski Necklaces has been taking advantages of its brand and gains more market vitality in cultural communication. Thus the famous brands of lamps and lanterns from countries like Italy could be licensed manufacturer, after being inspected by Swarovski, reaching their demands of slashing craftwork, designs, processing and services. This kind of lamps and lanterns could express more about the local unique design styles, when they could also maintain the inner quality of elegance and stylish of Swarovski crystal lights. The swan crystal logo is the traditional mark of Swarovski, also the symbol of the spirit of elegance and delicacy of Swarovski crystals.

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