Fashion Through Decades
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Every decade is marked by some fashion trends and pieces of clothing. When we see a particular item, we immediately associate it with a particular point in past, and not just that, but also with music, events of that time and people who were considered to be role models.

The first fashion trend I'm going to write about, and maybe one of my favorites, is the trend of “the roaring twenties”. After the WWI women became more independent which could also be seen in their way of dressing. They wore loose, shapeless clothes, unlike the tight corsets which were popular in the previous century. The term that is usually associated with the twenties are the flappers. The flappers were women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair and listened to jazz. Since straight shift dresses were simple to make at home, flapper style was more attainable for the masses.

Another trend that became a huge success and represented the 1960s was known as “the flower power”. Colorful, funky patterns, as well as the fringed clothes were the main trend. Some of the fashionable accessories were the peace sign, headbands and circular sunglasses that were usually bright colors.

The 1990s were marked by different styles, but the most famous one is the grunge style. Wearing plaid shirts, converse sneakers or Dr.Martens and torn jeans was extremely popular since that style was also related to the bands that were huge success at the time.

Every decade sets up some trend, but what we have today is actually a mixture of everything. Girls can wear some jeans that their mothers wore or jewelery that was popular in their grandmothers' youth. Moral of this is that we shouldn't throw away our clothes, because, some day, our children may consider them cool or trendy.

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