Fashion to Return to Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace catwalk top


Come July, Buckingham Palace is going to have numerous fashion shows held on the beautiful grounds. With a near unparalleled backdrop of the gorgeous palace, these should be some of the best and most high profile runway shows of 2013.


BUCKINGHAM PALACE's planned catwalk shows in July will each cater for 400 members of the public. The lengthy runway - which will be positioned in the palace gardens - will take the form of a paved stone path lined with flowers. The audience will sit on benches designed to replicate crafted topiary hedges. Tickets for the occasion are priced at £30 and are available to buy at

The fashion event - which forms part as part of a four-day festival marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation - will feature four different shows, each showcasing British style over the last 60 years and broken into different themes. Read More

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