Fashion Week Las Vegas August 2012



Our Guest Couture Designer Rory Castillo will be one of our Red Carpet Designer  for August 2012 to watch for, his couture designs are intriquitly put together with color and lavish designs.

Rory Castillo’s fascination with fashion design and his love for the silver screen began at an early age. His father named him after the legendary Hollywood leading man, Rory Calhoun. Many of Castillo’s warmest memories are of enjoying films with his father – from Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema and Hollywood’s popular classics. While his namesake wooed such beauties as Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe, Rory was building his deep appreciation for the movies and high fashion.

As a child, Rory was the go-to kid in his neighborhood for Halloween costumes. He continued using his artistic skills throughout his schooling. Upon graduating high school, Castillo joined the military. A three-year tour of duty in the Army took him to Europe. While stationed in Germany, Rory enjoyed traveling throughout Europe; visiting Spain, Italy, England, and France. He studied the historical fashions on display at The Albert and Victoria Museum in London, the Louvre in Paris, and the Prado in Madrid, which added to his appreciation of fashion as art. Castillo lived in Alicante, Spain studying the art of paper maché and designing glamorous costume creations inspired by his Spanish roots.

Returning to Sacramento, Castillo became involved with charitable events, showcasing his designs for fashion shows, gallery openings, and black-tie balls. Soon, the siren’s allure of the silver screen pulled him towards the bright lights of Hollywood. In Los Angeles, Rory quickly made a name for himself, creating magnificent ball gowns for starlets and movie producers. He worked on six feature films and four shorts, including “Forgotten Voices,” based on a story he developed. Rory showed his designs in fashion shows at many of Los Angeles’ most prestigious venues, including the Regal Biltmore Hotel, Paramount Studios, the Scientology Center, Almansor Court Country Club, the Mayan Theater, the El Rey Theater, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the historic Hollywood Athletic Club. He was a sought-after guest on numerous Spanish-language television shows, showing his intricate costume designs for the stage and runway.  

Castillo worked with high profile entertainers such as Vicki Carr on the PBS special “Memories/Memorias” and Rosie Hamlin of “Angel Baby” fame for the Red, White and Rock Concert. Yolanda Adams, Brandy, Golden Brooks, World Music singer Maria DeBarros, Guillermina Quiroga of the Argentine Tango Troup Forever Tango, and the L.A. chanteuse Rebekah del Rio have all performed or are currently wearing Rory’s original creations for their stage performances. 

Rory has been recruited to work for the prestigious Sacramento Music Circusand has become involved with the non-profit organizations, Reina Fiestas Patrias, and Señor Santa. He has since continued working for various charitable and social organizations that further promote his Mexican heritage. He’s been recognized by the California State Assembly for his positive contributions to the Latino community, and prominently featured inSacramento Magazine, the official magazine of the Capitol City.

Rory Castillo is proud to be chosen for the inaugural Fashion Week Las Vegas. His creations for this show are inspired by the Las Vegas of the 40s and 50s, with an added Latin Twist! As Hollywood’s then playground, Vegas was the place to be for the Rat Pack and celebrities such as Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, as well as Latina divas Rita Hayworth, Dolores del Rio, Rita Moreno, and Charo! Rory brings the electrifying style of these Hollywood icons to the Las Vegas stage for your enjoyment. 

Las Vegas runway, Hollywood studio or sound stage – Rory Castillo creates elegant fashions that are sexy, passionate, and bold. Just like Vegas!


Rory Castillo

Rory Castillo Designs

Rory Castillo Designs

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