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4 Sports Betting Tips ? Increase Your Probability of Winning!
By: sophia   |    February 21, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Just for the record… there’s more to sports betting than simply choosing which team has the longest winning streak. If it were that easy, then it won’t be as exciting as it ought to be!

There are several factors that can help increase your chances of winning in sports betting. And if you’re looking to know more about it, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Allow me to share with you some tips that you need to consider to increase your chances of winning when betting in sports. Now there’s no magic rule here that’s going to guarantee your winning at 100% but there is a way to change your losing streak to a better one.

Without further adieu, here are the tips:


1.)    Think about the style/game plan that the players use.


Boxing is one of the best examples to use for this point since we all know that in boxing, style makes a fight!

If you have an aggressive light hitter versus a counter puncher, then you ought to go for the counter puncher even if the light hitter has a better winning streak.

Its simply because the light hitter being an aggressive boxer puts the counter puncher at an advantage considering how he’ll get more opportunities of counter punching due to the light hitter throwing more punches.



       2.) Injury


This is especially important to consider when betting on basketball games.

If you’re planning to REALLY bet on your team, you ought to keep yourself updated on what’s happening on to them. If you hear about rumors of injury on key players, then you might want to reconsider whom you’ll be betting for since players getting injured are in fact a game changer.  


3.)    The player / team’s preparedness


If you have a team of rag tag players that were glued together just before the season started, then you could be in big trouble.


More than just the team being composed of super stars, you need to consider how well glued these team members are. Too much superstar players can actually cause discord in the team thus leading to their defeat despite their individual members being more talented.

 4.)    The management


eams that have are constantly changing their management (like their coach).

Changes like these means that your players will have to adapt to a different playing style. Now that shouldn’t be a problem if they’re able to keep up with the change of plays but the thing is, these players usually form a habit based on how they’ve been training something. And if they already have habits formed based on the previous plays, then expect seeing tons of poorly executed plays.

Constantly changing the managements and coaches.


If you consider the points above, then chances are you won’t be easily misled by people claiming that they are at a disadvantage when they really aren’t.


Anything to share?

What ever tips or secret formulas that you have for sports betting, do share it in the comments section below. We’d be glad to hear from you.

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