Fashions for Holiday Cooking


Although I am fairly disappointed that cooking fashion hasn't really broken into the realm of menswear yet, some of the stuff available for women to cook in is super cute. From aprons and oven mitts, the slideshow put together over at offers some great options to get women inspired to bake, fry and sauté. Now if there was stuff for guys (other than BBQ aprons), I'd be set.


That I’m writing a story related to cooking is pretty laughable considering I do not cook. At all. However, I once co-hosted a BBQ with my roommate during which I wore an apron all day and did not touch the grill/grilling utensils once. Moral of the story: aprons and oven mitts can be really cute!

And with Thanksgiving and other holidays during which one makes/eats a lot of home-cooked meals coming up, we thought this would be the perfect time to round up the most stylish cooking gear. Read More and View Slideshow

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