Fast Fashion is Apparently Killing Us


A new report from Greenpeace is making claims that many of our favorite fast fashion retailers are using dyes and materials that are toxic to us. While this might be a reason for a handful of people to stop purchasing from the likes of H&M, Calvin Klein and Zara, but, considering the way business works, the report will have minimal impact. Would you stop shopping fast fashion due to this report?


If the unethical working conditions, negative environmental impact, depletion of natural resources and increased pressure on the fashion industry weren’t reason enough to stop you from buying fast fashion (yeah, we still do it too), this new study might.

As it turns out, many of the fabrics and dyes used by fast fashion companies (and high end fashion companies) are literally toxic–as in cancer-causing–and affect not only the consumers wearing the clothes, but potentially the people around them as well. Read More

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