Female Celebs Who are the Primary Wage Earners at Home

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I can't say that I'm surprised that Oprah earns more than her man Stedman, but I'm still glad to see that so many women are pulling in so much money. After centuries of men dominating every facet of "breadwinning," it's about time females actually had the opportunity to prove that they're truly worth the equal pay, if not more in most cases (e.g. my wife and I).


While Hollywood stalwarts like Tom Cruise and Will Smith have dominated top-earning lists for years, sometimes it's the woman who's the breadwinner in the family. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Prudential Financial found that more than half of American women were considered the primary income earners in their households -- or 53 percent of women, to be specific.

Here, we round up a list of female celebrities who cash in at higher levels than their partners, from Julia Roberts to Teresa Giudice. Read More


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