Female issues: What is it that causes back pain?


Back pain is a legitimate concern for people everywhere, especially modern day women, since it is a medical condition that can be caused by many different things, but the outcome is always the same: sudden pain in the back which can last up to several weeks. There are a few causes that we girls, are more susceptible to, and I would like to discuss them and offer you some personal advice on how to prevent it.


Girl’s best friend or their worst enemy? While every girl likes to feel special, we like to put on some makeup, if not because of others, then because we want to feel prettier, and the same goes for heels. We feel more powerful when we are an inch or two taller, but let’s not forget the devastating influence heels have on our backs. When we wear our special shoes, our spine is not in its proper position, since it lacks the full support from both feet and all the pressure is put on the toes. This causes the circulation of blood to slow down and speed up in certain places, especially in the lower back, and that is why many women experience lower back pain while wearing heels. If your job requires you to wear high heels, then there is nothing else for you but to invest into a pair of nice fitting, comfortable shoes, but if not, then just wear ordinary snickers, which can also be a fashion statement. Be comfortable with yourself without damaging your health.

Clothes that reveal  

Another thing that especially plagues teenage girls are shirts that are simply too short and thus do not cover their lower back. While girls like to dress differently than us when we were younger, this can cause problems for their reproductive system, kidneys, and the spine is also exposed to the temperature of the air, wind, and that can quickly cool the muscles in our back which can make them contract, which will later create pain and even create an inflammation in the muscle. While this is something girls do not like to worry about, they should. Fashion comes and goes, but your health doesn’t. Take good care of your body and it will serve you well. Dress warm, especially if you are a teenage girl in development.


Something also common – almost 50% of mothers experienced lower back pain during pregnancy. While we think that it is common, with all the increased weight and the different distribution of body weight which puts a lot of stress on our back, it can also be prevented. A pregnant woman must avoid shifting her weight suddenly from one foot to the other, which includes carrying heavy stuff in one hand or holding something in front of her belly, which increases stress on our spine. While pregnant, women should refrain from carrying anything, especially heavy things, and they  must be careful even while climbing stairs. So, women, make your other half do the heavy lifting, while you drink lemonade in your favourite chair. You’ve earned it.

Ladies, these are some simple causes of back pain, but they are very common. While back pain can be a result of a serious injury, one must always consult a doctor if it occurs. Following these simple tips, one can avoid unnecessary stress to their back and this will only lead to a much happier life for you and your family.

Some ways of coping with this ache

If the pain already exists and it has become too much to bear, you can always do something in order to make that pain to subside. A instant solution would be painkillers, professional massage or placing something, either hot or cold, on the source of pain. An even better solution would be to exercise regularly, in other words  have some sort of physical activity. Yoga is a really efficient solution for this problem since it stretches both you back and all of your muscles in general. Just remember to be cautious with these workouts since doing them in a wrong manner can make your pain even worse, but rest assure that there is no better way to prevent  chronic back pain than physical activity.      


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