Finally a Consensus on Men's Leggings

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Holy cow, the public is agreeing with something I've thought for quite some time: The men's fashion trend of wearing leggings is apparently the most despised of 2012, and I couldn't agree more. Now, could we please just stop selling them altogether? There's no reason I should have to even see someone on my television wearing this atrocity. In fact, can I just not be shown Russell Brand ever again?


Leggings for men - also known as meggings - have been voted America's most hated fashion trend of the past year.

A poll conducted by - which surveyed 2,107 Americans, all of whom described themselves as 'interested in the latest fashions and trends' - found that 57per cent of the country believes meggings were the worst fashion faux pas in 2012.

Second and third on the list were head-to-toe animal print, which took 53per cent of the vote, and onesies, elected by 49per cent.

Respondents were also asked whether or not they themselves had worn any of the trends they perceived as 'bad'. Read More

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