Finally Some Quality Waterproof Mascara
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July 15, 2013   |   0 Comments


I may not wear mascara, but I can sure as heck sympathize with those who do and so often see their painstaking labor running down their cheeks after a day at the beach or a particularly active dance session. The idea of a waterproof mascara is absolutely nothing new, but with so few able to actually deliver, it's about time a quality brand like Cargo launched something makeup lovers can get behind.

As much as I love the idea of going makeup free at the beach, I always seem to find myself scrambling for some mascara at the last second and end up being that annoying girl who wonít get her face wet in the water. Itís pretty much THE WORST.

But not this time. NopeĖthis summer, Iím prepared! I finally found a waterproof mascara that I swear-to-god Iím going to apply way before my friends are honking at me from the driveway to get out of the house so we can get to the beach while the sunís still up. (Read More)

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