Find a Great Hotel Online

There are many deals you can find online for a quality hotel. You should always do your research to find a hotel that will have what you envision for a destination getaway.

Here are a few tips to help you find a great hotel:

Use Travel Sites

Travel sites can have hotel gems. They get the best deals on airfare, hotels and rental cars.

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Sites that offer great rates for hotels include, or Many of the best deals are online in the middle of the week during off-peak times. Some sites let you bid for the price you want for a hotel. The only downside with that is you do not get all of the information about the hotel upfront. When the bidding process is over, and the payment is made, then more information is revealed.

Check the Customer Ratings

You can learn a lot from customer feedback. Many times it’s disgruntled customers that had a horrible experience that love to let others know all about it with their review. You are sure to find at least one of these types of reviews for most every hotel.

It’s just to be expected, but if you see that the majority of the reviews are more negative than positive, you may want to consider going with another hotel. Whatever hotel you choose, you can add your feedback to the reviews to help others with their decision-making process. 

Check the Location with Google Maps

If a hotel has the price you are comfortable with and amenities you want, the next thing to check is the area the hotel is in. Sometimes lower-priced hotels seem like a good deal, but it could be in an area that is not-so-good for tourists.

You can see a street view of the hotel and surrounding land with Google Maps. Just go to Google, click on Maps and enter the address for the hotel. You can see how the flow of traffic is in the area to plan your route as well as see pictures of the area. In some areas you can zoom in and view the building just as if you were standing right in front of it. From this view you can rotate the camera and look at the surrounding area.

Going to travel sites, check reviews, and inspect the local area. These are all essential to finding a great hotel online. 

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