Finding potential luxury commercial properties

Finding a commercial property is slightly different than looking for homes. You have to consider the same basic factors, such as location and size, but other criteria is different.

As such, here are a few aspects worth considering. The exact criteria and needs will still depend on the exact nature of your business but these are all points worth considering.


First and foremost, location may be important. Commercial businesses who deal with the public, such as shops, will undoubtedly want a central location near busy streets and locations. Likewise, quieter businesses who offer a more select service may be happy with areas out of town that are still accessible through major roads and transport routes.

This can be an easy objective to meet if you have the right estate agents. The right agent will understand your needs and combine it with an active and insightful understanding of the local area. For instance, Fenn Wright will help you find a commercial property in Essex rather than wasting time with remote locations that are unsuitable.


Second to location, space needs to be considered. Commercial businesses need room for stock and materials as well as for staff and customer facilities but you may find this often works against location. Inner city locations tend to be smaller whilst remote locations offer much more space.

Space is also arguably more important than internal layouts. Internal walls and dividers can be used to create the layout you want; it's the amount of space required to make this possible which is more important.


This has already been touched upon but it's an important point in its own right. Commerce thrives on customers and, as a result, your new property has to be reachable. If people can't reach it, it's not going to make business.

Again, shops favour a central location whilst remote buildings need to, at the very least, be close to main roads. This is why industry and retail parks are found in such areas, as the location makes it easy for customers to know where you're located.

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