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Michael Carson

Michael Carson

With today’s busy lifestyle and constantly being on the go, in and out of hotels and airports, getting fit often gets pushed to the bottom of your lengthy to-do list. Luckily, celebrity fitness expert Michael Carson has put his many years of experience in the industry to use to create the Fit in Seconds program. With only a few spurts of time necessary, and no equipment needed, you can now lose weight and stay in shape no matter where your travels take you. Michael tells about the program and how he developed it.


Your resume is quite impressive. How long have you worked in the fitness field?


I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 25 years,innovating every area of training and custom creating programming for major franchises such as Equinox, Spectrum Fitness Clubs, Reebok, TRX, DKN-USA, Body Blade and Exercise TV. Additionally, I have trained numerous celebrities and choreographed top selling work out videos such as Carmen Electra’s best-selling Aerobic striptease, the Paula Abdul Cardio Cheerleading series, The Surfer Girl Workout, the Get Sexy Workouts and the entire ENVY series.


Can you start by telling me what Fit in Seconds is? is a pre meal weight loss system.

Before meals our metabolic rate is at its lowest, our survival system delivers the message to slow down and to store calories in our body for survival, and store calories from the food about to be eaten. routines redirect our metabolism to burn fat calories, not store them, and actually curb food intake amounts for consistent fat loss with each meal.

How does it work? creates a primal metabolic state in our body similar to that shared by our hunter/gatherer ancestors. For survival they would hunt for food and immediately ingest what was caught or gathered. This created a metabolic state that would only burn calories, utilizing them for energy and for shear survival to hunt or flee from possible danger.  It’s a primary reason why our ancestors survived, and the key component in

When performed 15 minutes before eating a meal or snack (1-15 minutes is the window you need to allow before you must begin your meal) the routines re-create the same hunter/gatherer metabolic response shared by our ancestors. Instinctually signals the body to NOT store fat and carbohydrate calories ingested, but rather to use them for energy while utilizing all protein eaten for building lean muscle mass for better survival. Just like our ancestors.

The system allows you to burn off body fat with every meal and build lean muscle to beautify the body as you reduce body fat. The users should experience an average of 7 lbs. of fat loss per month until their body gets to their optimum body mass index. 

Can it be used anywhere, i.e.. hotel rooms, on-the-go, etc.?

The best part of the system is that it can be done in any location large enough to turn in a circle with your arms completely stretched out, or on average 5 by 5 feet of space. members have used their office, the kitchen, the garage, even Disneyland, restaurants, airports and boardrooms as their instant workout spaces. No need for driving to a gym or gathering equipment.

The system can be used anywhere. Many members remark that it takes longer to think up an excuse to skip the routines than to easily do them.  Keeping consistent has proven to be easier than any other program they have tried. 

And with so many other workout systems that require you to accomplish 30-90 minutes of strenuous exercise daily for 90 or sometimes a 120 days straight and are designed that if you miss one day, or even more days due to "life" and its many obstacles, you end up back at square one. And what happens after 90-120 days?

With you are ALWAYS just one meal or snack away from being right back into the system. Burning unwanted fat with every meal. 

How did you discover the science behind this program?

After beginning to utilize the system for myself and my clientele with nonstop results; I looked into the digestive properties created by the system and found several interesting findings. Scientists have discovered that when inactive individuals exercise for a just a few minutes, it produces an instant change to their DNA molecules within muscles without the need of extended exertion to get the response desired.  I often use the example of using a pull start lawn mower, when you pull the cord to start the motor and the motor engages, you don’t continue to pull the cord, the message was received and the result is achieved.  Like the lawn mower, our body takes that “message” to mobilize, as we did in the days of our ancestors, while also timing the intake of food with this message like our ancestors provides the message and a long workout is no longer is needed for fat loss.  It’s great if you want to do a long walk run or bike workout, but only for pleasure, not for weight loss.  Why should we work for our food so hard when we can make our food work for us? 

The other finding which I feel is the more amazing is in the Journal. Biology studies are now finding that for those hoping to keep their blood sugar under control, brief bouts of exercise several times during the day are likely to be more effective than a single session. In findings from James D. Cotter, a professor at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, the insulin resistance and blood glucose levels were all normalized for up to 24 hours after performing brief length workouts.

What that means is that we digest our foods more efficiently allowing our bodies to function as a better running machine and will utilize nutrients and burn calories better for energy and NOT store calories.


If someone does not diet but will they still lose weight?

That has been the most interesting result of the system.  We purposely asked our Month long test group to eat as they would normally eat throughout the 30 day test.  Some did ask for meal and snacking advice, but that wasn’t the focus of the 30 days.

Although some participants only had a few pounds to trim, participants lost 20, 15, 14, 11 and many lost over 10 pounds, with an average of 7 pounds in the 30 days with every participant reporting that when performing a routine within 15 minutes of their meals that they consistently ate less during that meal. routines signal the body to eat fuel for physical mobilizing but not too much to weigh you down to slow your ability to survive.  It’s a very primal instinctual reaction we are able to recapture before every meal.

So yes, you will see weight loss without needing a change in your diet, but if you can eat similar to the Zone’s 30-30-40 fat-protein-carbohydrates ratio you will see and feel even more amplified results from the routines.

How much weight can someone loose on this program? (What is the maximum result so far?) users can expect to lose an average of 7 pounds of fat leach month and will continue to lose body fat until they reach their optimum body mass index. 


Many users have lost from 7 pounds up to 80 pounds and kept it off without the yo-yo weight gain that is often experienced with more difficult to maintain weight loss programs. The biggest reason for member’s success is that there is no reason to skip these routines at least once or twice a day and being consistent is the key. seems to buck the extreme workout trend....BUT is it as effective? is immediately effective from your very first routine performed and each routine that follows. The metabolic reaction is an instinctual survival response we can always count on for true results.  In addition to fat loss and body toning, like a caffeine shot, the routines will always give you an energy boost, help to get you ready for a meeting, presentation, test taking, doing homework or any paperwork that may require a clearer more focused mindset.

Since the routines are so brief, users will never be worn out, they will always be re-energized. 


Is a short term or long term solution to weight loss? is both a short term and long term weight loss and maintenance system. The metabolic response created by the routines will provide an average of 7 lbs. of fat loss per month when performed 3 times prior to meals or snacks until your body is at its ideal body mass index. While losing the fat, lean muscle mass is also being developed for a better more balance physique. The movements are designed to burn fat and to build a more beautiful physique in the process.


After losing their initial desired amount of excess body fat, most users report performing 1-2 routines daily are all that is needed to maintain their desired weight and health level. 


What else should we know


Every week members receive a brand new routine to maximize fat loss.  Our body gets better at movement patterns as it learns them and during that learning curve you actually burn more and more calories until your body gets to its maximum output for that movement pattern, then we begin to get more efficient at those moves, slowly burning less calories each time performing the same pattern.  So each week prior to the drop in fat burning results, I provide a new body stimulating routine changing the muscle recruitment pattern and continue to maximize the fat burning. 


Also, is completely Green!  All of the routines and motivational video content is delivered directly via email, text or can be viewed streaming directly from the website.  No DVD discs, or waiting for your Overnight Express package, you have instant access to the system as soon as you join.






Where can our readers go to find more information or sign up for the program?


You may go to for sign up, member login and consistent fat loss. 


Additional information can be found at:

Michael Carson

Michael Carson
Michael Carson

Michael Carson

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