Fitness Fashion to Maintain Your 2013 Resolutions


While the 80s may have had the right idea in that they wanted to look fashionable while keeping fit, the actual workout styles introduced during that decade were notoriously unattractive. Nowadays, though, looking good while keeping in shape almost go hand in hand as there are some really cute outfits available for sweating in.


Let me guess. One of your 2013 resolutions is to work out more, am I right? It's cool -- considering the fact that I haven't worked out in about...a month (yikes, see ya soon Flywheel!) I know I'm resolving to get my butt back in the gym stat. And you know what always gives me the extra push I need to get there? Cute new workout clothes. So if you're anything like me, check out my picks below and find the perfect look to motivate you to get back on that fitness routine! Check Out the Fitness Fashion

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