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You’re a jet setting diva, so you know where to seek out your favorite beauty and fashion lines all around the world, but have you ever wondered where your favorite fragrance, accessory or lipstick originated from? Visit these five locations around the globe to see where your favorite prestigious fashion and beauty trailblazers got their start.

One of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world, Shiseido has been a pioneer in high end skin care and cosmetics since 1872. When you visit the flagship shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo, you will realize the massive breadth of beauty innovations the brand boasts. Started on the principles of western-style pharmacology, Shiseido maintains a reputation for skin care, sun protection and make up shades that are second to none in the world. The three floors of the state of the art boutique will keep you entertained for an afternoon of browsing, sampling and insightful sessions with the impeccably trained salespeople. From the newest coveted technology in beauty to one on one product matching, Shiseido will wow you.

Nothing represents the heart of London fashion and beauty like Burberry. Since 1856 the brand has been at the forefront of both stylish and utilitarian Londoner wear, specifically with its iconic water proof trench coat. Visit their original shop in the Haymarket, where they have sold their signature tartan garbardine pieces since 1891. The luxe eyeshadows and lipsticks from their recently released line of prestige level cosmetics will impress even the savviest make up gurus with its neutral shades of taupe and muted mauve. Don’t miss the array of sophisticated signature scents that draw a following of both men and women from all over the city.

Amongst the world famous art and history of Milan, you’ll find Armani. An oasis of elegant designs, innovative cosmetics and classic accessories, the original 31 via Manzoni flagship store is a feast for they eyes and the wallet alike. There are over 8000 square feet artfully dedicated to all of Armani’s high fashion masterpieces. Check out the exclusive café whilst you swatch your Eyes to Kill eye shadows, a must have from the award winning collection. Rich, velvety pigments blend into the most smoldering of eye looks, while luxurious face balms and creams are pricey but sought after in the beauty world.

Since 1946, Estee Lauder has been at the forefront of the American beauty industry. Visit the iconic Saks 5th Avenue department store to see where it all began. With only four quality products in their original line up, the Lauder family made their mark and still oversees the company. Browse the award winning skin care formulas, gorgeous color palettes and artful fragrances that the brand has blossomed into. You’ll love the posh ambiance of Saks, a historic destination in itself. One of the first and most renowned luxury department stores, its grand show rooms and marble floor will delight even the most discerning fashionista.

Travel to Paris for the opportunity to see where one of the most prolific beauty queens of all time got her start. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel started a modest millinery (hat shop) in 1909, at 160 Boulevard Malesherbes. Within a few years, her hats gained popularity and she began dressmaking and then delving into the art of parfumerie. At 31 rue Cambon she opened her first independent shop, where you can still visit the flagship store today. Relish the sensuous, signature Chanel No. 5 scent, get matched with a luxuriously light and smooth Vitalumiere Aqua foundation or just admire the displays of handbags, precious jewelry and classic Chanel suits.

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