Five of the Most Famous Vintage Cars of All Time

On the1960s Batman and Robin TV series, the "Batmobile" was designed to spit fire and incapacitate enemy vehicles, among other things. But its fighting days now seem to be over. 

The car sold at auction for 4.6 million dollars. According to its new owner, it will rest easy in the owner's presumably spacious living room quarters.  

Aside from lucky collectors being able to reap major bragging rights for a lifetime, what makes famous vintage cars like the "Batmobile" so covetable?

What makes a famous car great?

Do you remember that epic movie scene when a cherry Ferrari crashed into a home and all they did but complain about needing toilet repair? Or what about when that motorcycle cleared 15 cars while evading the cops mid-chase? Well, if these scenes were ever actually filmed, surely we'd recall the model and year of the car before we'd even remember the film's name.

This is particularly true for films that showcase famous vintage cars. We grow weak with nostalgia when we hear a particular hum of an engine, the signature squeal of a famous tire or see the tail-end view of a familiar car model. 

It all reminds of us of the iconic films in which the cars they reference were featured, as well as the times in our lives when we first saw those films. The following are the five most famous vintage cars that have made their marks in movies.

  • "Bullit", 1968 Ford Mustang

A prime example of the magic of famous vintage vehicles is the classic 1968 Ford Mustang beaut in "Bullit". This car was involved in what is considered to be the first and greatest of all chase scenes ever caught on film. It featured a fastback with a side marker, and springs and shocks were added for the chase scenes while the engine was readjusted for more power.

  • "The Blues Brothers", 1974 Dodge Monaco

As the story goes, Mr. Elwood Blues traded in a Cadillac for a mic and replaced the car with a beat up 1974 Dodge Monaco, 440 Magnum squad car — the "Bluesmobile". Old or used, this vehicle was powerful: flying through the air, leaping an open drawbridge and mastering the mean Chicago streets with uncanny verve for a used car.

  • "Smokey and the Bandit", 1977 Pontiac Trans AM

Bo "Bandit" Darville drove the sleek 1977 Pontiac Trans AM to throw off nemesis Sheriff Justice, aka "Smokey" (CB slang for policeman), during his hot pursuit of a truck filled to the brim with illegal brew being transported from one end of Texas to another. One of the film's most signature images is that of Bandit's cowboy brim bobbing to and fro as his trusty car defied all vehicular odds.

  • "Wayne's World", 1976 AMC Pacer

When you hear the once oft-quoted chant: "Party Time! Excellent!" what immediately comes to mind are basement rockers Wayne and Garth on one of their many “totally cool” rock'n roll expos in the now cult classic "Wayne's World" film franchise. Nothing epitomized their middle American, blue-collar flair better than Garth's "Mirth Mobile". Although visually comical, the vehicle — a classic 1976 Pacer adorned with hot rod fire decals — gave grounded credibility to the main characters, who were always involved in some outrageous scheme.

  • "Thelma & Louise", 1966 Ford Thunderbird

Who will ever forget the female twosome known as Thelma & Louise, who skidded into our imaginations in their iconic 1966 Ford Thunderbird? Their rugged pursuit of an elusive freedom ended tragically, but they looked so great doing it. The Thunderbird could've been considered their third accomplice in crime, as it embodied all that the two aspired to be — sleek, durable and free-spirited.

On your next car purchase, pay homage to the famous vehicular icons and buy vintage. Most of us can't afford to pay out 4.6 million dollars for a "Batmobile", but adding dated decals to a used car à la Garth's "Mirth Mobile", or even tricking out a beat up war wagon like the "Bluesmobile" are just a few of the ways to keep the spirit of the amazing vintage cars that these design elements reference alive.

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