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Flavor Napa Valley

Flavor Napa Valley

Since I've arrived in the US (I'm originally from France) I've always wanted to discover the wine regions, the "New World Wines" and especially the Napa region. With my work I've discovered a lot of regions that I would like to explore in the US and worldwide and I have to say that Colorado and California might be the first ones on my bucket list! Since then I've collected info on both destinations and found this event that I want to go to next year (because this year I got married, travelled twice to France, moved to a new my bank account is dry as the Goby Desert!)

The event is Flavor Napa Valley  it's every year mid November and the way I envision it is pretty much like that: Beautiful landscape, wineries, good smells, great flavors, red colors, smiling people and good music. What would be my agenda for the day? Easy enough:

eat, drink, eat more drink, drink, drink and eat and go to bed to do it all over again the next day!

I plan on staying at Silverado Resort and Spa because 1st I've heard a lot about it and 2nd it looks incredible, stunning, unbelievable! I've looked at reviews, saw pictures it's just a little preview from paradise it feels like! Spa, Golf, tennis, swimming pool and amazing restaurants (say the reviews!). 

This year Flavor Napa Valley will be from November 14th to the 18th and tickets range from 85$ for a simple brunch to 3500$ for "Legends of Napa Valley Tasting", so every kind of prices for every kind of budget!

Will you go with me? :-)

Silverado Resort

Silverado Resort
Silverado Resort Aerial



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