Frightening Halloween Events in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Having access to all sorts of people from the makeup and choreography industries means Los Angeles might just have the best Halloween events in the country. Whether it's family friendly (but still frightening) or a gathering of adults (and frightening nonetheless), LA is where you want to be this Halloween. 

From the movie studio that invented the horror film genre, L.A.'s premier Halloween event is turning up the terror like never before. Based on the best, most frightening films, television series and music, all-new, immersive experiences await during Halloween Horror Nights® 2013 at Universal Studios Hollywood: Read More

Enter the chaos of THE PURGE, where all crime is legal for one night each year. In a night of immersive horror-theater, audience members will journey through this dystopian world. You'll discover the secrets that lie deep within the headquarters of the New Founders of America – the crazed masterminds of THE PURGE. Read More

The folklore and legend of "the real" births more terror than any horror mastermind can fabricate. The grounds of Griffith Park and beyond have been home to murder, torture, paranormal activity, serial killers, and abduction. The area surrounding the "Old Zoo" and "B Rock" has been called one of the most paranormally active sites in all of California. Now these and other actual events will come back to life, opening the portal to a river of lost souls that scream for revelation. They are dark. They are vicious. They are all around you. Find Out More

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