From 'Hide' to 'Like': How to Make the Most out of Facebook

While Facebook is nothing new, the way it works is constantly being updated. Profiles are changing, ad campaigns are growing and evolving, and tens of future changes are currently in the mix. The site is simply growing too quickly to not have ongoing changes.

These changes, however, come with the responsibility of learning what’s new in the world of online. While anyone can say “did you see [fill in the blank on Facebook],” not just anyone knows how to best take advantage of the mother of all social media sites.

One of the best ways to learn is to view others’ Facebook pages and to see what they’re doing. Whether it’s right or wrong, learning from others can greatly help your online campaign. And it can help you from learning the hard way.

Avoiding the “Hide”

One of Facebook’s newest features, and more aggressive, is the “hide” button. Found on one’s home page, it allows users to avoid reading posts from a certain business or even a friend. But… they don’t have to delete or unlike in order to do so. Even though people may show up as an active friend or fan on your page, you can hide their content may be hidden from your feed.

The tricky aspect, however, is that those being hidden have no idea their posts are not being read. Fans will still show up as fans for Saffire vapor ecigs, or whatever other company is hosting a page; likes still show up as likes, and friends still show up as friends. Therefore, whether we like it or not, a significantly smaller number may be viewing your content than what is showing.

So, how do we avoid the hide? The first step is to avoid bombarding users’ pages. No one wants to read tens of posts per day. Even if you may not be listing actual posts numerous times per day, any activity you create could take up a feed. This includes comments, likes, tagging, and more. Either limit Facebook activity to save newsfeeds, or adjust your settings to hide certain activity. Either act can greatly affect your activity as a business and/or friend.

Gaining Likes

In the same light, avoiding being hidden is equally important to gaining new likes. To up your numbers, consider offering incentives, contests, and more. Offer a coupon or gift card to one new fan for the day. Provide a free gift for the most-liked comment (which promotes both liking and commenting), or whatever other incentive your marketing efforts can come up with.

Facebook is a fast-moving entity. But by staying up on likes and hides, you can easily work your way into fans’ newsfeeds.


Shane Jones

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