Fun Style and Fashion Blogs worth Watching

There are some great sites out there that offer killer fashion and style advice that pretty much anyone who's into this stuff should be reading on a daily basis (behind my fashion pieces on JustLuxe, of course) due not only to subject matter but because they're actually interesting to read. While most of us that write about style and fashion try to be clever most of the time, there are just some people out there who are just entertaining with what seems to be very little effort. Follow the jump below to find out more.


Not to be too bossy about it, but if you love fashion there are a lot of blogs you should be reading. But seriously, who has the time to read ALL OF THE BLOGS we should be reading? No one, that's who.

That being said, read these three! That is if you aren't already reading them and thinking, "Duh. I've been reading this blog for years, moron." Like favorite items of clothing, favorite blogs can gain and lose favor in the daily rotation of use; sometimes you lose interest in the writer, and sometimes your life just doesn't feel applicable to their point-of-view anymore. Here's a list of who we are reading at the moment, and why. Read More

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