Fun Things to do in San Francisco This Weekend

Fiesta on the Hill

There is always something happening in San Francisco, and this weekend is no different. However, that doesn't mean finding something to do is always easy. That being the case, here are the events I would want to hit up (depending on which family members were with me, of course. Which of these would you go to if you were in SF over the next few days?

Residents of several neighborhoods in San Francisco may notice a larger number of "strollers" than usual this weekend. No, we don't mean the type of strollers that carry babies – we're talking about the type of folks who stroll around town pretty slowly and look unusually happy. Read More

Bernal Heights celebrates its 25th annual Fiesta on the Hill street festival, bringing together the neighborhood's diverse residents to enjoy the collective culture of the area. The neighborhood is known for its many young families, and home to generations of Latino, Filipino, African-American, and Chinese families. Read More

If Hollywood ever tries its hand at Escape from San Francisco, we hope there are kayaks involved. There just aren’t enough kayaks in action films, you know? We imagine the little boats riding a tsunami, hurtling toward the bad guys who have taken Coit Tower hostage, somehow managing to defuse a bomb with their mad paddling skills. Read More


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