Functional Bracelet Looks Cool and Keeps Cameras Safe


With an oversized buckle and made of leather, CamCuff offers up a bohemian bracelet that will keep your camera safe and attached to wearers when trudging through the city streets, watching a fashion show, cheering at a sports event or hiking through thick foliage.


We’re not sure how many punk rock fans moonlight as photographers (or the other way around), but those who do may find the new CamCuff a tempting camera accessory. It’s a fashion accessory wrist cuff that doubles as a camera strap for those of you who aren’t big on the neck variety.

If this seems to be targeted towards a rather small market, you might be surprised. Many photogs out there prefer wrapping their neck straps around their wrists instead. The CamCuff is designed for those people, offering an “easier, more attractive, and far more secure” way of keeping your camera from falling out of your hands. Read More

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