'Game of Thrones' Star Richard Madden's Fashion Shoot


Comparing Richard Madden's on-screen look from Game of Thrones to the fashion shoot he did with MR PORTER is pretty jaw dropping. He looks nothing like his medieval character, taking on the look of a young professional in some of the best upcoming spring collections and making them his own. It's usually difficult for me to get excited about menswear, but this stuff looks great on Madden. 


Mr Richard Madden is beginning to get recognised quite a lot. At a private party in Claridge's hotel, London, a fortnight ago, I watched a 50-year-old man ask if he could photograph Mr Madden and his Game of Thrones co-star Mr Kit Harington, for his "14-year-old niece; she's a big fan of the show". As if. That photograph was obviously taken for his own pleasure: the gentleman couldn't hide his delight that there he was, next to a giant Christmas tree in Mayfair, with the show's two young lead characters, Robb Stark and Jon Snow. Read More

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