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The key to succeeding in a personal training program is the ability to desire and identify your goals. The strategy behind the ultimate success stories have all been associated with the ability to maintain a strong focus on the goal at hand, using special tactics to achieve this.  When my clients sit with me to discuss the things they want to achieve most, they are asked to greatly elaborate on goals.

There is a great deal of emphasis placed on this process, and at times, it becomes highly emotional for clients as they come to certain realizations about their lives.  This visualization tactic continues throughout the entire nutrition and training program.  This method of “mental training” is based on Research showing that Visualization leads to greater and faster achievements. It has been used by many successful figures including elite athletes, famous film stars, leading educators, etc.  In fact, the very successful Russian Olympic Team were the first to use Sports Psychologists in their training modules.

In 1950, Florence Chadwick was the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions, breaking the record time. Two years later, she attempted to swim 26 miles across the Catalina Channel to the California Coastline.  Sixteen hours into the swim, a thick fog broke out and Chadwick quit.   Shockingly, she was only less than a mile away from her destination (after swimming 20 miles). When asked about why she quit, the following day at a press conference, she replied:    “All I could see was the fog.…I think if I could have seen the shore, I would have made it.”  Chadwick had lost sight of her goal, like many people do today.  On her next attempt two months later, the same fog broke out, Chadwick made the swim and broke the mens record by two hours!  This time, with the shore line in her mental sight.

When someone Visualizes an achievement, it allows for the release of endorphins, making them feel happy. The brain therefore associates that achievement with happiness – which is the top priority in life.  So in fact, through visualization, you prioritize (give great importance to) those goals - thus increasing the probability of accomplishing them diligently. This may help to explain why Chadwick made the swim or why our athletes reach their training objectives when “contract time” comes around!

The concept behind this mental strategy was perhaps best described by Napoleon Hill, who was the greatest educator on success.  His book, “Think and Grow Rich” explains the strategy behind “getting the things you want most in life.”  The book highlights that your thoughts will control your actions and therefore,  persistently thinking of your goals will help you accomplish them much faster.  In the book, he quotes: “The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.”  Hill’s book was written after his extensive research and time watching and learning next to great minds like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Bell.

“After clients have grasped this mental strategy, guiding them to success becomes much easier, with less resistance or interference from inhibiting obstacles.”  

One of the greatest and newest visual incentives are Adventure Trips, offering unmatched majestic landscapes and exciting multi-sport challenges. Adventure Travel happens to be increasingly popular throughout America, as the latest statistics show that a whooping 50% more Americans are choosing adventures for their vacation time, and rightfully so. Apart from providing travelers with beautiful life experiences – that lounging on a beach simply cannot – adventure travel offers participants with great physical achievements.

I find it most beneficial to have participants undergo physical preparation to enhance the adventure experience.  It provides team building skills within the training camps and through visualizing the trip activities, increases the commitment and drive to improve. It also ensures that participants complete activities with better performance, without getting overly fatigued and ultimately eliminates the risk of future injury and loss of investment.  The training camp focuses on the overall biomechanics of the sport activities themselves, through specialized training techniques. We also spend a great deal of time strengthening key supporting muscles.

“The end result is better performance, healthier physical and mental state and a wonderful adventure to both challenge and reward themselves with –  it’s priceless !”

Exploration Fitness provides one of the most strategic ways in ensuring fat loss, muscle gain, enhanced performance and the most thrilling ride of a lifetime. Whether a family getaway, friends retreat or business team building vacation,  all participants are equipped with the proper strength, balance and nutrition to thrive on their trips.  The wonderful part about this unique journey is that it allows people to take part in a community of goal driven, positive thrill seekers that will travel to the most majestic locations on the planet to live out their goals!  It is an experience everyone should partake in at least once.



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