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It is hard to ignore someone walking down the road wearing a piece of jewelry that has sort of changed the entire appearance of the person. Now, one might just be thinking as to what kind of jewelry has caused such a difference. Have you ever heard of ear plugs and tunnels? If not, it is time that you update your dictionary and get hold of the new terms related to body piercing jewelry. Organic plugs and tunnels falls in that category.

One thing is for sure and that is organic plugs and tunnels are not for all and surely not for those weak at heart. It is a great piece of jewelry, true, but it takes a lot of elan to carry it off. Why? Simply because it does not fall in the category of being regular. Those who have the yearning to stretch their ears, usually opt for plugs and tunnels. Even if it is painful, those who go through the process, find it to be not the usual stuff. To them, apart from being fashionable, it is the best way to catch the eye and be in the limelight.

And in most of the cases it is true. Organic plugs and tunnels, particularly the ones that are available from Bandaru Organics, deserve a special mention. Apart from being a reputed company dealing in organic and handmade jewelry Florida, Bandaru Organics deserves an applause for its contribution to the environment. The organic plugs and tunnels available at Bandaru Organics are all made from organic materials like bone, horn and wood. Most of their signature jewelry pieces are carved out from these organic materials under the craftsmanship and able hands of designers and crafters based in US and Indonesia respectively. environmentally sustainable methods.

Bandaru Organics believes that there is a reason for their opting for environmentally sustainable methods rather than following the already treaded path. The point is not to only produce fashionably beautiful and exquisite pieces of handmade jewelry in Florida but also to gift the customers with something that they have not come across. In producing the organic ear plugs and tunnels, they make sure that only 100% organic materials are being used in the making of the products. The main idea is to utilize the materials from the environment, particularly which is no longer in use. This includes horns, bones and wood; three organic materials that is put extensively to use in the making of ear plugs and tunnels.

The company, which is a family operated one, is into designing and creating authentic and custom handmade jewelry in Florida. Their zeal to keep it clean with the environment has made them take the organic way and hence all the products from Bandaru Organics are hallmarked to be organic and devoid of any kind of chemical treatments. However, a freshly stretched ear might not accept the organic plugs and tunnels as the porous nature of the ear plugs or tunnels might absorb moisture from the skin leading to infection.

Author Bio: Richard Bradford is a freelance writer with many years of experience of contributing as a fashion blogger. His recent write up is about Bandaru Organics, a family operated business in the designing and making of custom handmade jewelry Florida from organic materials.


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