Get Rid From The Scorching Summer With These Nutrients

In the sweltering summer heat which is making trouble in your day to day life then try these refreshing nutrients to maintain your fitness and physique.
Here is a cursory glance:


Gooseberry or Amla is a great refresher. Fresh Gooseberries are very high in Vitamin C (41.5mg). It boosts the food absorption, balances stomach acid, strengthen the liver, acts as a body coolant and as an antioxidant. It also provides remedies for many diseases so it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines.



Fresh Apricots are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, Potassium and Iron. Its beneficiary aspect to health includes its ability to treat indigestion, constipation, earache, fevers, skin diseases, cancer and anemia. Apricot oil which is obtained from its kernels is also very fruitful in treating strained muscles and wounds.


Butter Milk:

Buttermilk is one of the healthiest drink in hot summer months as it was originally the liquid left over after churning butter from cream, hence its name. It is high in Potassium, Vitamin B12, Calcium and Riboflavin as well as a good source of Phosphorous. Moreover, a drink of Buttermilk after your meal helps in easy digestion as well.

Butter Milk


Cardamom, the queen of the Spices, is widely used in pungent and sweet dishes to provide a strong aroma and flavor. Irrespective of this, it is effective in improving digestion and helps those suffering from Stomach cramps, flatulence and gas. Cardamom also helps in cleansing the body as it has detoxifying properties.



Corn is a low-fat complex carbohydrate that deserves a regular place on any healthy table. It is a rich source of Vitamins A, B and E which not only provides the necessary calories for daily metabolism but also control diabetes, prevents from the heart ailments, lowers the hypertension and prevents from the neural-tube defects at birth.



Mango is known as “King of Fruits” in Asian Countries. It is not only a delicious fruit but also contains such Vitamins, minerals, acids and fiber by which it has been proved to be a powerful antioxidant. It prevents Cancer, lowers the cholesterol, clears the skin, makes eye healthy and alkalizes the whole body.



Oyster, a type of Shellfish, can provide you with a host of health benefits, among them, high levels of heart and brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids and enough zinc to keep you all right. It is also very high in protein. Oysters contain photochemicals that wipe out the toxins that encourage sweating. It is best when consumed fresh and should not be bought from stores where they're sold in bags and bowls.



Peaches are the healthy choices for most healthy individuals. It is a fruit native to china but cultivated in almost all the countries within a cool climate. Peaches can increase your lifespan, improves your vision, good for skin, role in abdominal disorders etc. They are very less in calories and contain 89 percent water which suppresses your hunger without providing calories.



Soybean is known as “the king of beans”. It contains a large number of nutrients and health-care effects. It enhances the immune function, improve intelligence, strengthen human tissues, improve energy, whiten and care skin, prevent from cancer, prevent from oxidation, reduce blood fat, bring high blood pressure down. A glass of soybean milk everyday is also very beneficial to human health.



Some foods are fun to eat, and watermelon is definitely one of them. One of the main health benefits of watermelon is its status as a powerful antioxidant, found in vitamins A and C, which helps to neutralize free radicals that can lead to inflammation, general sickness and chronic illnesses such as stroke and heart attack.


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