Get Rid of the Holidays' Impact to Your Skin


Have the holidays been rough on your skin? Either through dehydration, staying up too late or being out in the cold, December can wreak havoc on our faces. This article offers up three solutions to that which ails you and, honestly, these beauty tips are applicable year round.


Holidays have come and gone. The sequined dress is at the dry cleaners. The poofy slippers are on the feet. And, if you’re not passed out on the sofa clicking through reruns of Madmen, wondering how they party so hard and still look so chic, chances are you’re looking in the mirror thinking, sheesh! What in the heck just happened to my skin?

Fun times, unfortunately, can have their price. But with a little effort, you can look as cute as Megan Draper does after a bender. Or at least, almost. Here’s how to get back your pre-holiday glow. Read More

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