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Getting in Shape with Your Dog

Who is running who?

If getting in shape feels like a drag, you probably havenít found the right workout buddy. For your new exercise regimen, consider partnering up with your dog for maximum fun and motivation.

Why do we think your dog is your secret to a healthy lifestyle? First of all, thereís the guilt factor. If youíre the type of person who takes good care of your dog, buys them a new chew toy every week along with the healthiest food and best dog insurance, you probably already care about their long term health. That means going beyond letting your dog out into the yard and giving them that healthy dose of exercise they crave.

If youíre just starting out, start slowly with a walk around the block once or twice a day. Then start to challenge both your dogís mind and your own by exploring nearby blocks, or driving to an out of the way neighborhood and discovering new gems. Challenge yourself a little more each day by going for longer periods of time or by increasing your pace.

Once you get to a certain level, exercise both for you and your dog is most effective when you mix it up. Donít be afraid to try new things with your dog, like swimming across a pond or hiking a mountain on the weekend. Your dog will love all of the new smells and youíll enjoy the breath of fresh air, not to mention all of the beautiful sights youíll take in.

Itís also easy to get creative with your dog by inventing new and fun games that require you to jog right along with them. Every dog has their favorite retrieving toy, so try out a range of options like Frisbees and balls you can both chase after. If youíre a big fan of a sport like soccer, why not put your dog in the goal while you do all of the big running?

For the smartest dog breeds that really need a challenge, agility training is always a great option. Your dog will navigate physically and mentally across difficult courses while you jog alongside them, benefiting you both.

All in all, itís hard to find a workout buddy more enthusiastic and encouraging than a dog in both the human and greater animal kingdoms. Just think about your dogís unadulterated joy when you wake up and pick up the leash. What says, ďYou can do it!Ē better than that kind of excitement?

Plus, exercising your dog regularly will make you king or queen of the roost. That loyal affection will become unbreakable! By starting off with multi-tasking (exercising yourself and your dog at once), youíll find yourself getting more done earlier, which will cascade into the rest of your work day.

Not that weíre biased, but you just try to getting all of that out of a cat. Theyíd love for you to stay at home and scratch them, but going for a jog? Not so much! So leash up your dog, pull on those running shoes and get that heart pumping!


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