Give Books as Gifts to Fashionistas

Do you have a fashionista that you need to shop for this holiday season but don't personally know anything about fashion yourself? Or, maybe you just don't want to break the bank picking out the latest in haute couture? If that sounds like you, grab one of the books listed on the link below and at least you know you won't have bought something from two seasons ago.


Fashionistas daunt gift givers. If they really want a fashion item, they likely buy it, unless it busts the budget, which probably means it busts the giver's too.

Fashion books provide a nice solution, balancing aspiration with attainability. Each year publishers release an assortment of titles around the holidays, at least one of which is bound to speak to your fashionista's sensibilities. Here are some that spoke to us.

"Kate: The Kate Moss Book" (Rizzoli, $85): It may seem gratuitous to dedicate 448 oversized pages to one waif of a model, even a supermodel, who, when she started at age 14, might have weighed as much as this book." Read More

Michael P.

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