Giving Fashion When You Don't Know Jack about It

Li Ding/Alamy

Let's admit this right away, most men don't follow the fashion industry, hot trends or really care about style beyond having one very specific look that they promote day in and day out. Because of that, they usually avoid giving clothes as gifts since they think they're going to screw up the purchase. Nevertheless, if you can pull off getting something that goes perfectly with a woman's style, you'll appear as thoughtful, caring and (most importantly) observant.


My teenage niece is a fashion-conscious young lady and I'd like to get her something suitable for "next season" (is that the right terminology?) this Christmas, to show her how "with it" her old uncle is. Any suggestions?

Bill, Manchester

You have used the terminology like a true pro, Uncle Bill. Doubtless American Vogue will come a-knocking on your door in the new year when Anna Wintour leaves her post to assume the role of Ambassador of Ferrero Rocher (or whatever). Read More

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