Glamour magazine insider: Clevelander takes on the fashion capital of the world
By: Chrissy Lorenzo   |    Fashion and Beauty Journalist | Freelance
November 21, 2011   |   0 Comments

Cleveland native Gabriella Mileti has always had a love for fashion: Growing up, she says, "When I was a little girl, I would get into my mother's closet. My mother has the most amazing collection of jewelry. So I would put rings on all my fingers, multiple necklaces and bracelets - earrings too. And I would just walk around the house as if it were my runway." A childhood perfectly fitting for a 20-something style maven who is now living her dream among the fashion elite in Europe; a dream that wouldn't be possible without her hard work, dedication, and a clear hunger for fashion that pulses through her veins.†

Read on as I talk with Gabriella about her hometown, her behind-the-scenes styling of Glamour magazine photoshoots, and the work it took for a seemingly small-town girl from Cleveland to get to the fashion capital of the world (she taught English to children†and worked in two boutiques, all while studying fashion, to make ends meet). Plus, we'll chat about Milan style, her must-have pieces and starstruck moments (Gabbana, anyone?), the best style advice she's ever heard, and running into European Princes in the most unlikely places.†

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