God save John

John Galliano

JohnGalliano, the soulof an artist, designer of the designers, restless, personarare, irreverent, shy, seductive, enigmatic, aking wholovedto walk amongthe commonersamong themand seektheir inspirationto create.Thismatter is notto speakof the episode, media barbaric and cruelplace,that one daywe willneverlosethe King's majesty. The House ofDior hashis principles, yes, like all majorfashion houses in theworld,andconsistentlyfoundtheremoval of itsmost authenticand unanimouscreative director, nothing can be donebut tomourn forher.So yes, Dior will never be thesame withoutthe essenceand soulof theenforced anddedicatedJohnGalliano.He translatesallthe best and biggestartistsmakeartin the world, restlessness and desire, withtheir creationsin the fashion segment. To speakevil, orat leasttry tooverthrow theGalliano, he has toat least haveagreat story to telland great deedsto the world.Untilthismoment, no one in their textswhichwere moreanti-Semitic argumentthat thecondemnation of thegreat artist,do not want toknowthat talking aboutJohnGallianois oneof the hardest thingsin the world.Hownot to getshaky,anxious to seeanything new,appearance, creations ofwhat is consideredthe most authenticand boldin FashionCoutureWorld? If todaywe haveadifferentiatedFashionWorld, criticism, glamorous, and many otherrealissuesthatarebecoming moreenticing, and muchmustthe masterJohnGalliano.The Kingwastakingtheirwell deserved holiday, but backthen,and fightto breakall thesamenessand lackof noveltywalking inFashionWorld. God Save John!

Neto Angel

I am the Angel Neto, editor of the Angel News- International Luxury, Ukraine. Public Relation, Consultant, fashion critic and style in the luxury´s segment. Researcher and curious about any information that involves the world of luxury. Questioner, a poet in the field of luxury. Formed in publishing and consulting Luxury. More)

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