Going Bald Isn't the End of the World

Head of Goldman Sachs

Mario Tama/Getty Images

For many men who feel like they're still young, noticing a thinning of the hair can be a pretty traumatic experience. However, there are tons of famous bald and powerful men in the world, showing that if you have the right style and acceptance of your genetics, you can still achieve anything.


25 Inspirational Reasons Why It's Ok To Go Bald

There is still hope for you yet. When you were young you had everything You had your whole life ahead of you Things were going great You were IT, You were ON TOP OF THE WORLD! NOTHING could stop you Until one day you noticed a change A horrible change Something just wasn't adding up YOU WERE GOING BALD! So you had no choice but to get married before it was all gone So you did But don't worry, there are MANY successfull bald people. There is still hope for you! See the Gallery

Michael P.

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