Going camping? Pick the right Sleeping Bag Suits

Going Camping?Pick the Sleeping Bag


Going camping? What types of sleeping bag suits you require? Yes, everything gets answered in the annexed discussion. When it comes to figuring out the required camping sleeping bags, there are ‘n’ numbers of factors that you might want to hover upon. It is a matter of comfort and the climate. Choosing the apt sleeping bag is very much essential. If you are camping in the summers, a 700-800 fill power sleeping bag won’t suffice. On the other side of the coin, if you are camping out in the chilly winters cotton flannel insulated bag won’t work any wonders and will leave you freezing.

Apart from the cost of the bag, some other determinants like material, durability, weight, size and temperature will have to be considered.



High-quality bags will mostly comprise of shell, made up of rip-resistant nylon assisted with hatch fiber texture. This material is durable and allows the sleeping bag insulation on the inner side and dust and moisture on the outer side. Low quality sleeping bags will consist of thin, light weight inferior quality nylon or other synthetic material. Shell material, sewing patterns of seams and zippers are some areas to assess for durability. One night camping, that goes around yearly, might be compatible with the low quality bags. For more adventurous and frequent camping, the shell material will make a lot of difference.


Insulation material

As compared to the other synthetic fibers down insulation will always keep you warmer. Down feathered quills are not durable and might poke you, they are generally used in low quality bags. When wet or damp, this insulation may tend to lose more insulation than any other synthetics. Look for sleeping bags that constitute down-resistant shells, dense nylon and other signs if materials that will offer more quality. If camping are supposed to be near rivers, or in the rains, one should deal with and buy the synthetic insulations as they work best with the damp environment.


Temperature factor:

This is one variable factor to be dealt with. Experienced or regular campers and hikers will always inform facts about temperature rating as horse feather. Assessing this criterion varies from person to person. For instance some are comfortable lying down with socks and layers of winter wear while some of them are not. Metabolism is different with every person. There are innumerable comfort components to be taken care of. Extract the sleeping bag that fulfills all your requirements. If you are camping in a place where the temperature dips to 30’s,you can hop in and select a 20F rated sleeping bag. In case it gets warm, you can manage to unzip the sleeping bag, rather than keep shivering.


Dimensional characteristics:

The dimension of the sleeping bag may largely influence the comfort with respect to temperature rating. Always confirm if you can comfortable make you way in the sleeping bag and you are comfortable sleeping in it. Rectangular bags are spacious and can assist easy movements. But what can be recommended is mummy style sleeping bags on the chilling winters where you might want to keep warm. Always give due attention to all these things or else you will land up in mess during your outing.



Weight factor is very important for people who may frequently go out for hiking and backpacking trips. Down-filled bags are comparatively lighter than the synthetic competitors, but are high on pockets. As all the above points that have been highlighted, check the weight of your sleeping bag as it is very much important. 

Take some time out and choose the right sleeping bag that matches all your requirements. Economical bags which might not burn on your pocket yet serve you with all the facilities can be brought in.

Guest Post by Susie Andres, she is a travel enthusiast and loves to go for camping and trekking with her family and friends. If you are looking for the best Sleeping Bag Suits, visit the link.

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