Golf Tournament Luxury at Its Best

The Masters is by far the most luxurious tournament of the year for the PGA Tour. As the first major of the year, it's not only important to all the golfers in the field, but for the fans able to attend the exclusivity of the tournament gives it an automatic VIP status.  

What Makes the Masters Luxurious?

VIP status throughout the tournament isn't just a reality, but an expectation. Starting with the Augusta National Golf Club, this is one of the most luxurious courses in the world. A member’s only course, which is one of the hardest to get into, holds this elite tournament every year. The members gain access to the tournament, but it's not that easy for others to get in. Here are a few ways you can get into the Masters 2013 tournament:

As a PGA Member - This means you've completed the player ability test, entered into the PGA program and finished it.

As a lucky lottery winner - The Masters allowed the public to enter into a lottery drawing, but if you haven’t won the opportunity to purchase tickets yet, you won't.

Sponsor a Suite - Unless you can afford to drop several grand, this won't be an option for getting into the tournament.

Know Someone - If you know someone with a connection or you know the "secret handshake", you might be able to score tickets through a connection.

Bottom-line, this is the absolute hardest golf tournament to get into every year and for good reason. It's not for everybody. The VIP treatment is expensive and even if you can get tickets, you better expect to pay quite a bit just to walk these hallowed grounds.


Most of those attending the tournament either stays at a luxury resort, luxury hotel or they rent a private home for the week. Unless you want to drive from outside the city, you won't find an inexpensive place to stay in the area. Augusta is a luxurious area anyway, but during Masters Week, everything is as lavish as possible.  

Luxury Tours

Tours of the Masters are offered, which do include a final round ticket, but they are not cheap. The complete Masters Luxury Golf Tour Package from last year was roughly $4,000 for one person. This included everything you needed, for the most part, and many perks, but the package only came with a one-day ticket. Additional tickets were available at an additional price, along with many other perks.

Recommendations Come with Luxuries

Nobody is recommending those attending the event stay in a cheap motel or eat at a diner. The travel recommendations for the Masters include private airfare and first class travel only. Most travel agents recommend a chauffeured car or limousine once you arrive and they recommend staying in a private home or at The Ritz-Carlton. The dining choice of most is the 1018 Club, which is one of the most exclusive in the area.

When it comes to the Masters, you cannot just buy a badge for under $100, show up, drink beer and enjoy yourself. If you want to take in all the Masters offers or just a small portion, you need to get out the gold and platinum cards. It takes a sizable investment to enjoy the entire experience due to the extreme luxury and exclusivity this tournament presents.

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