Golfing Gear Gets a Revamp

If you consider your style to be a little more laid back and modern than the golfing green usually allows, then the good news is men’s golfing gear is changing. Now, it seems much more acceptable to be a little experimental when it comes to dressing for a day on the golfing range, so you can reflect your style in what you wear on the green.

Golfing jackets should always be practical, allowing you enough room to swing, but they also need to look good. A fairly new trend when it comes to golfing get-up is the varsity jacket. Comfortable, light and casual, these jackets are a practical and stylish option for the spring and autumn, when it’s too cold to go without an extra layer, but not cold enough for something heavy. They can be dressed up with smart chinos, but won’t look overly pompous when you head out for Sunday lunch with your family after a morning at the range. The Bunker Mentality website has a good range of affordable varsity style jackets that are perfect for those with a more laid back, casual style.

When it comes to trousers, the conventional linen option can make you look and feel twenty years older than you really are. When you’re on the green, you don’t have to look old fashioned, and some smart shorts are perfectly acceptable, especially in hot weather. Play things up a little by going for some smart chino style cut offs in a bold colour and co-ordinate them with your varsity jacket for a modern take on that matchy-matchy look that’s practically imperative on the golf course.

Maintain a classic element to your golfing gear by adding a polo shirt to your varsity jacket and chino combination. A smart button up shirt will retain a sense of formality, meaning you’ll look well put together rather than scruffy when you show up for a round in your new gear. Crisp white polo shirts are a classic staple piece, and should always be present in any golfer’s closet. You could play things up with coloured versions of the same shirt, but you can’t beat the simplicity and practicality of a white polo. Plus, white looks great with a tan in the summer.

Golfing gear is finally moving into the 21st century and thankfully, young, stylish golfers no longer have to dress in clothes worn by men double their age.

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