Google Joins the Fashion World with Diane von Furstenberg

It's no secret fashion is becoming a part of technology. Our devices come in sleek designs, multiple colors and even customizable patterns. Google took that notion a bit farther by displaying their new high-tech Google Glasses at Diane von Furstenberg's runway show at Fashion Week in New York.

The Glasses

The multifunctional and fashion-forward frames are the newest innovation from Google. Called “Google Glass,” they feature a camera and a visual display that allows for internet access, and it functions as an Android operating system and GPS. Yes, that means you can be on Facebook from your glasses or even look up “replacement windows for Harrisburg PA” without taking out your phone. Crazy, right?

On one side of the glasses, there’s a thick chunk of bright color that has the camera, display system, and all of the brilliant technology. The glasses have a futuristic straight bar across the forehead and pretty much look like normal frames on the other side. There’s no bottom border on the glasses so the lenses look almost invisible.

The Show

Furstenberg's models wore Google Glasses that coordinated with their outfits, mainly in colors like white or pink. Brin and Furstenberg also showed off their Google Glasses during the event, Brin's being very noticeable in turquoise. The models wore the glasses with bright-colored clothing and clean lines to complement the futuristic style.

The glasses didn’t look horrible, although they will take some getting used to once they’re out on the street. (Not everyone can pull off the runway look.) While they’re receiving many “Star Trek,” comparisons now, these frames could be part of our everyday lives in the future. Won't it feel like an episode of The Jetsons then?

Want a Pair?

These glasses won't be an easy catch when they first come out. They’re anticipated to be released in stores in the spring of 2013 with $1,500 on the price tag. It’ll be interesting to see who’s brave enough to wear them first. It will most definitely take a while for them to catch on, as most people can't afford to drop over a thousand dollars on a pair of glasses. Imagine if they were ever broken or stolen? That would be a great loss.

I would expect to see more of these types of glasses in the coming years. While it all seems like a bad scene from a space movie now, it’s the future of technology. Who knows, one day, we may all be wearing these glasses everyday while riding around in flying cars. When you can send tweets from your glasses, nothing seems impossible.

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