Gossip Girl Fashion: Season 5 Sizzles in Style


Season 5 of Gossip Girl returns and women everywhere are relieved; it seems fashionistas everywhere are addicted to the Upper East Side drama and style the series serves on a silver platter.  Drama and fashion: a match made in entertainment heaven.

It’s true that the actresses may be the stars of the show, but their wardrobe often steals the spotlight. Every female viewer imagines herself in items like Blair's gorgeous gowns worn to high-society affairs.  However, dresses like that may not be an everyday reality for all of us, but in every episode there are styles and selections that we can all steal from the cast.

Labels adorning the actresses range from Mulberry to Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, and Louis Vuitton. And the stylist behind the show’s look is Eric Daman, and he loves his designers constantly providing loveable looks and must-have digs. Thanks for the eye candy this season Eric, we have out fashion wish-list ready. 

Angela Di Laurentis

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