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Green Travel? Green Resorts? Do you care?
By: BAC64   |   
March 27, 2012   |   4 Responses

Is it something that you are concerned about, is it something that you absolutely want to see? Or is it something that really don't interest you?


BAC64 commented on April 20, 2012

I just wish there would be more control over those "labels" I know that in Europe it is already more controlled than in the US, but still ...Anyone can pretend to be green, and no one will really question it! Which is CRAZY!

Randy commented on April 20, 2012

Dan, I concur. Too often is "green" and excuse to charge more or offer less. Same for "organic". It doesn't have to be that way. Over time, things will change.

BAC64 commented on April 20, 2012

I have to say that I've been to places where the prices were similar to any other luxury hotel...But it is a true problem that hotel use the "green initiatives" as a marketing tool. I found this article very interesting about this hotel doing amazing efforts to be green , not just promises!

Dan Janning commented on April 20, 2012

My experience has been so-called "Green" travel/resorts/etc have one or more of the following in common: higher cost than competitor for same level of service; lower quality materials/accomidations; and/or overstating (or even falsifying) their "green" claims. In short, I would avoid anything that goes out of its way to advertise that it is "green"

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