Hayari Couture Paris: The Parisian Artelier!

The bird sings, the sun sets, volcano erupts. All these are natural phenomena. I was so lucky to follow my instincts which is my own God given gift. I visited the artelier of the Parisian designers Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard. Who knew how far this interaction would go. Apparently, no matter what you do in life, be as selfless as possible. Whatever you sow you will someday reap is an old saying, but it is as true today as it was then.  I was awed when l found the simplicity of these two gurus life. I realized, that in order to succeed in life,you must  be as transparent as you can, and live the most simplest life as possible. Life is not about the hustle and bustle, but life is about living to the fullness, taking one day at a time.

I was intrigued by what l saw in the lives of these two men. While perched in the Hotel ran by Alard Hugues, Nabil Hayari's partner,  l felt that all that glitters is not gold. The real gold is embedded in the character of an individual. All these aspects combine to form the genuity of oneself.
 My days at "Paris Saint Honore," hotel was as enchanting as the propelling force that lured me to Paris. The hotel itself, has a brand-new class of luxury, the hotel administrators had service and sophistication no one could ever dream or imagine. I would say my stay was truly one-of-kind.

I cannot but say, that dreams do come true. Whether you're dreaming of the coast line of Costa Rica, the humongous Eiffel tower, or the wonderland of Disney World. As l strolled to the Private show room of House of Hayari, l was astounded by the warm welcome. It was a typical day in the life of Nabil Hayari. Designer Hayari's personal assistant arranged every detail of my experience. My visit was absolutely breathtaking, With his private show room situated just at the corner of Champs-Elysees, the ultra chic shopping paradise. The view itself is stunning and serene overlooking the whole World of Parisian Life style.
Designer Hayari showed me what makes him successful in the fashion industry with an ordinary pencil and a paper. l literally, watched him make several sketches for me in a very short time. And l thought, this man have  metamorphosed himself in to a  living legend with just two tools, a pencil and a paper!

 Another outstanding technique he uses is,  the gowns are each  a one-of-a- kind piece handmade in his Atelier. Nabil  showed me  the dresses he was getting ready for the Russia fashion week. l was perplexed when l saw how neatly and carefully, he pinned  all the elaborate, and adorning ornaments on the gowns. l actually witnessed the making of this Red Gown which was shown for the first time during the Russia fashion week. It was embroided with  red silk taffeta fabric, black french lace, luxury black feathers, and various unique accessories to go with the gown.  You can see it is exceptional and flawless!

 This dress, named "Peony of Paris" with ALISA KRILOVA, of Russia. The reigning "Mrs Globe" is actually one of my favorite dresses. This dress is also the inspiration behind the famous perfume, "Only for Her." A french fragrance floral oriental for women. " Only For Her" perfume made its debut during the 69th Annual Golden Globe Award. The perfume was shown to famous celebrities like Callie Thorn, Elizabeth Mcgovern, Mirelle Enos, Cheryl Burke, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and  Lana Parnilla!

 Most importantly, It's not only the ability of following his dream, but having fun while doing it.
The wedding dresses, pageant gowns, and evening wears were beyond my expectation. l could only imagine what it would be like.

 Trust me on this, Nabil Hayari knows where he's been, and knows where he is going!

Afoma Eguh Okafor

I am an ordinary woman with some exceptional abilities. A published Author, An Actress, A Screenplay Writer, and A Music Composer. I love to travel to the roads less travelled. To me luxury and and fun are intertwined. And l love my life so much!...(Read More)

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