Hayari Parfums Paris is thrilled to debut two new perfumes, 'Broderie' and 'Goldy' fragrances!

Hayari House of  Paris, France  is thrilled to debut  officially two new fragrances "Broderie" and   "Goldy" in addition to the first oriental Fragrance which first made its debut during the 69th Golden Globe Awards, in Hollywood, California. The debut of "Only For Her," the very  first Perfume, was a great success, at least l was privileged to participate  their exclusive show at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills!

Launching, the latest fragrances is a dream come true for the House of Hayari, "Broderie" and "Goldy" perfumes are nothing less than iconic brands. These fragrances are very alluring, intriguing and calming!
They are Timeless and Exquisite  fragrances that showcases feminity and contentment. For the designers, their creativity is more like a song, and a hymn, An ode of love. Where ceremonial gowns becomes Jewelries  and Dresses  are turned to Flowers, and Flowers becomes Perfumes. Oh what a lovely song!

"Broderie," examplifies the Glamour and Contentment of Hayari's Woman, which is a symbol of Fulfillment!

"Goldy" shows the Harmony in the Beauty, and Jewels of the Hayari's Woman, which is a symbol of Luxury and Riches!

Hayari's style: "From dresses for Women to perfumes"  a stunning style, and hymn to beauty!

Recognised  fashion designers Nabil Hayari and  Hugues Alard,  worked endlessly and tirelessly in their Paris Atelier . And finally,  launched these beautiful fragrances into the fashion industry.  Hayari House of Paris launched its inaugural perfumes with a supercharged itinerary of designers, experiential campaigns, innovative promotions, digital initiatives during the debut hosted by "Esxence," The Perfume of Excellence in Milan, Italy. Of course, Esxence is publicly known as "a natural habitat for Artistic Perfumery." Among the participants of this great event are more than 140 brands of perfumes, by famous designers World Wide.
 Most importantly, to me  Hayari House delivered the most inspiring Perfume Artistry amongst their counterparts, they excelled with superior measures.  Now, the Art perfumery Event have totally translated the Hayari World from  Fashion to Luxury.  Kudos to these fashion Moguls!!

"Broderie" by Hayari: An ode to total femininity. The lily, first of all, a symbol of purity, combines with gardenia, representing fidelity. The fruity notes of mandarin and peach refresh the floral bouquet, while the powerful woody scents ...of sandalwood and the luxuriant, sensual patchouli free the senses and whisper their mysteries. The result is dazzling, luxurious and ultra-feminine: the olfactory notes embellished with pink gold highlight the precious fabrics, creating a succession of evanescent floral fragrances, odes to grace and liberty.

"Goldy" by Hayari: Perfectly redefines French-style luxury, revealing the subtleties of a remarkable and unusual perfume: the accord of white jasmine has been chosen to evoke beauty, and orange blossom for its hints of reverie and travel. S...andalwood, musk and cedar enrich the olfactory landscape, injecting it with an enigmatic flavour. Like an evening dress for the red carpet, "Goldy" has a wealth of influences, including revisited fashions of yesteryear, symbolising a careful balance between refinement and extravagance, the very definition of luxury. 

As a global cosmetic and  fashion leader with a colourful, diverse, innovative and on-trend product offering, House of Hayari is fast becoming a defining link to Luxury and are at the forefront of shaping and interpreting Luxury trends in the Whole World!

Hugues Alard, always  backstage creating the seasons latest fragrances, while Nabil Hayari, the fashion Mogul creates exceptional  beauty looks in  some of the prestigious Fashion weeks, both men are most excited about their up coming achievements World Wide.

The uncommon depth and effortless designs, combined with years of tireless effort, allows  Nabil and Hugues the opportunity to constantly be on-trend and ready to create the most current luxury perfumes with their own inimitable style.  Hayari Perfumes  is available  worldwide at:
The brand combines technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create accessible fragrances with a spirited style. In addition to the Paris Atelier,  Hayari House  is developing the platform on a global scale with  sponsorships from business moguls worldwide  who wants to invest or join  this exponentially co-ordinated Label.

"A beautiful perfume, which reveals the inner beauty of a woman."

"Light perfume for a Romantic Wear."

'The Bottle is awesome with a neck of very elegant golden color, numbered consecutively and exclusively."

"Fragrance to change up your routine."

"Hayari, ultime accessoire de la femme elegante, chic et raffinee."

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